Award Winners 2010 – 2011

Dorset Storm Awards Presentation Evening
St Edward’s School, Friday 17th June 2011

Clubmen of the Year
Conor James and David Rudenko

National League Under 18 Men – 6th Western Conference
Most Valuable Player – Oliver Heath
Most Improved Players – Seb Darby and Gabriel Gordula

National League Under 16 Boys – 12th South West Conference
Most Valuable Player – Daniel Message
Most Improved Player – Michael Stevenson
Coach Award – Joe Butler

National League Under 14 Boys – 4th South West Conference, Last 16 National Play-offs
Most Valuable Player – Alexi Kapuscinski
Most Improved Player – Charlie Harland
Coach Award – Jordan James

Solent League Under 16s – 1st Place Storm II, 2nd Place Storm I
Most Valuable Player – Jack Kelly
Most Improved Player – Jake Hyde and Kieran Smith
Coach Award – Peter Lawson

Solent League Under 14s – 1st Place Storm I, 2nd Place Storm II
Most Valuable Player – Michael Hester
Coach Awards – Adriel Maranan

Solent League Under 12s – 2nd Place
Most Valuable Player – Joe Stevenson
Most Improved Player – Carl Gordula
Coach Award – Josh Sissons

Hall of Fame Entrant
Matthew Lawson