2017 Summer League Rules

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1 – Timing:

Junior League – All games will be played in 7 minute quarters with a stopping clock assuming we are running on time.

Mini and Intermediate League – All games will be played in 10 minute halves, clock will stop in the last two minutes of each half.

2 – Substitutions:

Substitutions will be of the running kind… Players have to ‘high-five’ off the court before substituting. No advantage may be gained by the timing of the substitution.

If running to time Junior League subs will follow normal rules.

Mini League play will be 4 on 4.

3 – Foul shots:

Will always only be single shots, worth the respective amount of points. E.g. a foul on a three point shooter will result in one shot worth three points.

4 – Fouls:

Each player may have a maximum of four individuals fouls in the Mini League and Intermediate league, while five individual fouls shall be allowed in the Intermediate and Junior League.

Mini and Intermediate League teams will be allowed four team fouls per half before being in the penalty.

Junior League teams will be allowed four team fouls per quarter before being in the penalty.

5 – Timing

It is really important that you arrive on time to start your matches. We cannot afford to start late with 15 matches to fit in every week.

6 – Defence:

Man-to-man defence is the only defence that can be played.  Teams may press but this is at the coaches discretion.

7 – Timeouts:

Coaches will have one time-out in each half in the Mini and Intermediate League, and two in each half in the Junior League.

8 – League Tables:

There will be 5 points awarded for a win, 3 for a draw and 1 for a loss.  Points difference will decide tied places if needed as draws are allowed.

9 – Other:

Other rules not specified will be normal basketball rules.

Rules will be flexible as to ensure that the players get the best experience possible.

Junior League Additional Rule

Mandatory press after a score in the first and third quarters. If team fails to press: First offence = warning. Second & third offence = bench technical (1 shot and possession). Fourth offence onwards = scored basket disallowed, bench technical (1 shot and possession). Warnings reset each quarter.