Award Winners 2001 – 2002

Awards Presentation
Rossmore Leisure Centre, Saturday 29th June 2002

Clubman of the Year
Jamie O’Brien

Cadet Men’s Team  Third Place, First Round Play-offs
Most Valuable Player – Luke Jones
Most Improved Player – David Brown
Hustler of the Year – Jamie Power

Passerelle Under 15s Second Place
Most Valuable Player – David Bowler
Most Improved Player – Luke Dixon
Hustler of the Year – Craig Mutton

Under 17s Team
Coaches Co-Prize – Laurent Rossi + Dave Price

Girls Team
Most Valuable Player – Hannah Golightly
Most Improved Player – Rossie Crocker

Under 13s
Most Valuable Players – Matthew Holmes
Most Improved Players – Luke Miller + Sam Bowler
Hustler of the Year – Alex Galias

Under 12s
Most Valuable Player – Grace Edwards
Most Improved Player – Daniel Kelly
Coaches Awards – Alex Barlow