NBL Under 18s Vs Millfield 22-11-2014

Under 18s secure that long awaited second win versus Millfield!

Dorset Storm (14, 20, 24, 15) 73

Millfield School (5, 11, 2, 13) 31

On Saturday 22nd November 2014 Storm travelled to Millfield in search of their second win having come close on their previous three matches. The previous week’s training they had worked on their passing and speed of transition and on a couple of team formation’s


Storm made one change to their starting five with Axon coming in to partner Harland in the front court with Farah, James and Taylor in the back court

Dorset Storm Under 18s versus Millfield November 20143At the start of the first quarter Storm started as they have regularly done this season with some quick fire play and great defensive intensity with Harland opening with a two inside from a great three man move with Taylor and James, however, Millfield came straight back and their point guard hit a jump shot from the edge of the key followed by an interception to lead 4-2 after 3mins, it was then Storm took over for the rest of the quarter with some great five man pass and cut play to take Millfield’s zone defence apart which resulted in Harland and James continually cutting into their defence with ease to give Storm a 14-5 end of quarter lead

The second quarter started as the first had ended with great intensity from all of the players with some well constructed pass and cut moves in which openings to free uncontested shots came to the fore ,the highlight of which, was when Old hit two swish threes, from excellent interchange passing from all concerned.The only downside to the second quarter was that Old and Taylor had to sit for giving some cheap fouls away leaving both the same in early first half foul trouble.Having said that the play continued with Storm in control with Skitt and Woodage making some good defensive play ensuring the intensity of play was sustained the end of the second quarter finished with Storm 34-16 up.

As with previous matches the third quarter had been the teams downfall, this was to be an emphatic no on this Dorset Storm Under 18s versus Millfield November 20141occasion which resulted in probably the best quarter of play the team had produced so far this season which resulted with a resounding 24-2 score,for the first four minutes Farah,James and Harland time after time cut through to the basket, the only downside being quite a serious ankle injury to befall James when landing off a drive to the basket on an opponents foot making it the end of his game.With Old and Taylor in foul trouble and James injured there was apossibility that Storm’s control of the game would slow up but ,that wasn’t the case the team were relentness in their desire to play which culminated at one point with Skitt sending one of the big Millfield forwards to the floor.By this stage Millfield were in team foul trouble to which Politis seized on scoring to quick successive drives to the basket and at the close of the third quarter the score read 58-18 in Storms favour.

The fourth quarter was a little less packed with incidents again Storm coming out on top 15-13 to end the match 73-31 victors and the safe securing of their long awaited second win.

Coach James made comment “Today the team played as a team ,intensity was spot on,team play was as it should be defensive play was as it has been excellent but this time our offensive driving to the basket our shooting and our general pass and cut play was where it should be.Performance wise Axon and Harland worked well at both ends of the court,Old was more like his, pardon the pun, Old self making great shots and at least four steals in open play,James was aggressive in his play and intensity but at the same time keeping it controlled,Farah and Taylor although at times a little subdued played with authority and control and made some great shots from distance ,Politis is becoming more effective on his positional play and taking care of the ball and both Skitt and Woodage came into the team and made great defensive plays as though they had been playing all year.All in all the team have set a standard of play to which they now have to reach every time they turn out for Storm.

Scorers: *James 21, *Harland 13, *Taylor 12, Old 9, *Farah 8, *Axon 4, Politis 4, Skitt 2, Woodage.