NBL Under 18s Vs Bristol 16-11-2014

So near and yet so far… NBL Under 18s still searching for that second win.

Dorset Storm (8, 20, 14, 13) 55

Bristol Storm (16, 7, 27, 13) 63

On Sunday 16th November Storm travelled to Bristol on the back of a run of three close defeats,determined to put things right.

Storm started with Old and Harland in the front court with Farah ,James and Taylor in the back court.As with Dorset Storm Basketball Club National League Under 18s versus Cardiff3previous games Storm started well both offensively and defensively.Their game play was both patient and disciplined and for the first five minutes of the quarter kept Bristol scoreless.The only disappointing factor was that they only scored four points in that time through a put back by Harland and a jump shot from James,unfortunately missing out on at least a further eight points. For this reason Storm started to get a bit frustrated and turned the ball over on a number of occasions to hand Bristol the upper hand to go on a 10-0 run.After a time out and some words of advice Storm refocused and ended the quarter 8-16 down. Even at this early stage it was clear that Storm would only be beaten if they beat themselves as ability wise they were more than a match for their opponents. Coach James reminded them of this and to keep their focus.

At the start of the second quarter Storm came out on fire and totally dominated all over the court both offensively and defensively with Harland, James, Taylor and Farah troubling the scoreboard,in amongst which were two 3’s from Farah to win the quarter 20-7 to finish the first half 28-23 up.

At the half time interval Coach James reiterated the necessity for team work intensity and concentration,to which all the team agreed was the key to success.

The third quarter started as the second quarter had finished with storm hitting the next four points to increase their lead,with Axon scoring a good put back two and Riggs driving for a further two. This however was when Storm went into a six minute disorganised ,hectic and sloppy period ,whereby, they submitted full control of the game over to Bristol from which there was no comeback losing the quarter 27-14. This left them entering the final quarter 42-50 down.

Dorset Storm Basketball Club National League Under 18s versus Cardiff2Albeit Storm were eight down entering the final quarter the game was there still to win. As with previously closely fought defeats lack of concentration and intensity cost the team dearly, albeit, they shared the final quarter 13-13 the final score read 55-63.

Coach James stated: “As with previous closely fought games we are shooting ourselves in the foot time after time.Each time we take control of a game we move away from set team plays and become slow and indecisive in both passing, movement and choosing the right time to shoot. It’s frustrating for both players and coach alike. Having said that there are a number of positives generally are defensive play is excellent and we are competing well at both ends of the court. We certainly have more than most teams, in players that can shoot from outside the key well and also penetrate to the basket and it will be sooner rather than later when it all comes together. I have no doubt that the teams Storm have lost to  so far this season, will in the return fixtures  be no way confident of beating us again.”

Scorers: *Farah 15, *Harland 11, *James 9, *Taylor 6, Riggs 4, Axon 4, Davey, Politis 2, *Old, Barter.