SWRL Under 14s Vs Torbay & Bristol 04-01-2014

Storm continue to improve, tournament includes an exciting competitive game versus Torbay.

Dorset Storm Under 14s South West Regional League team welcomed Torbay Tigers and Bristol Academy to Rossmore Leisure Centre for the opening games of 2014 on Saturday.  Storm faced Torbay, who they had played in the previous tournament, and faced Bristol Academy for the first time.


Dorset Storm (3, 4, 5, 13) 25

Torbay Tigers (9, 9, 2, 4) 24

The game started with neither team finding it easy to register baskets as Storm held a 2 – 0 lead after four minutes thanks to two Josh Westlake foul shots.  It was Torbay though who got going towards the end of the Dorset Storm Basketball Club SWRL Under 14s versus Torbay and Bristol January 2014 1quarter, as they capitalised on some poor decision making from Storm to run in points on the break.  By the end of the quarter a Harry Jackson foul shot was the only additional point for Storm whilst Torbay had registered plenty to lead 3 – 9.  Storm started with more aggression in the second quarter, with some good defence from Callum Crook and Harry Batson threatening to get Storm going.  Unfortunately Storm could not convert good defence into points, partly through their lack of effort to sprint down the court, and they found themselves trailing 7 – 18 at the half.

Storm maintained their good defensive play in the third quarter, and made Torbay work hard for every shot they took. Storm were also rebounding better at the defensive end of the court.  Storm worked hard throughout the quarter to limit Torbay to just one field goal, but they still trailed by a considerable margin 12 – 20 heading into the final stanza.  Storm started the final period with the same defensive intensity they had displayed throughout.  Owen Hale provided a spark at the start of the quarter and Jackson ran in two baskets for Storm who quickly trimmed the deficit to 17 – 20.  Storms defensive intensity was encapsulated with good defence versus Torbay’s out of bounds plays and a charge drawn by Batson.  Scores from Westlake, Jackson and Tom Stocks kept getting Storm closer as they trailed by just one point, 23 – 24 with under a minute to play. More good defence from Storm as they worked together to stop Torbay getting to the basket and Batson came up with the steal before Stocks converted a slashing layup at the other end to give Storm a 25 – 24 lead.  Storm managed to hold Torbay scoreless on the next possession and Crook kept the ball alive following a foul shot attempt to allow Storm to keep possession of the basketball as time ran out and Storm held on for a 25 – 24 victory.

Scorers: *Westlake 9, *Jackson 7, *Stocks 6, *Crook 2, Hale 1, *Batson, Squires, Axon, Long. 


Dorset Storm (26, 22, 16, 18) 82

Bristol Academy Flyers (0, 8, 2, 4) 14

Storm played Bristol in the tournaments final game, which is always a tough game to get warmed up and focused for, was made especially hard given the thrilling yet exhausting nature of the teams opening game.  Nevertheless, Storm got going quickly in the second game.  Dorset Storm Basketball Club SWRL Under 14s versus Torbay and Bristol January 2014 3Outstanding defence was again the key, as Storm combined ball pressure with great anticipation and awareness away from the basketball to pick off multiple steals early on.  Stocks and Crook were particularly impressive combining for six steals in the opening four minutes.  Not only was the defensive effort impressive but the ball movement on the offensive end was much improved as some great passing and decision making allowed Storm to run in multiple baskets.  Aiden Squires and Tom Axon entered the game much more ready to play and be aggressive at both ends of the court this allowed Storm to maintain their high intensity throughout the first half.  Charlie Long found his way to the basket on the break for six first half points as Storm led 48 – 8 at the half. 

Storm needed to maintain their focus in the second half and still had things they wanted to work on despite the impressive first half.  Jackson and Batson did an impressive job of controlling the tempo and involving their team mates and when Storm had an opportunity they used some variations to good effect working the ball inside for scores as Westlake, Stocks and Axon all took on different roles.  Storm maintained the focus and composure throughout the game, as they ran out 82 – 14 winners in an impressive performance.   

Scorers: *Crook 18, *Stocks 18, *Jackson 10, Hale 8, Long 8, *Batson 6, *Westlake 6, Axon 4, Squires 4.


Coach Kemish Speaks:

“There were two good performances today.  The key in the first game was cutting out the cheap points we gave away in the previous tournament – which the players did well.  From a mental side it was a more mature performance too as the players found a way to keep themselves in the game despite not starting well offensively. Defensively we played hard, especially in the second half and we rebounded better too.”

Dorset Storm Basketball Club SWRL Under 14s versus Torbay and Bristol January 2014 2Despite the convincing style of victory in the second game, Kemish was pleased with the teams focus and ability to develop in a short space of time:

“Game two was also good, we had a chance to reflect in between games and the players came out and made improvements straight away without any practice time.  Our ball and player movement was much better in game two and that was a key focus. 

There is still a long, long way to go.  Not least to ensure we set the intensity and energy levels right from the off, but if the players bring the level of intensity we have seen in the tournaments to training they will continue to improve.”