NBL Under 14s Vs Bristol Storm and Cornwall Cougars – 16-01-2011

Match Report

The Under 14’s travelled to Bristol to play the hosts and Cornwall Cougars.

Dorset Storm (11, 12, 10, 16) 49
Bristol Storm (11, 10, 9, 14) 44

Dorset Storm (8, 16, 14, 9) 47
Cornwall Cougars (8, 6, 4, 6) 24

Game 1
In the first match against Bristol Storm the team were made fully aware that although Bristol had not had the best starts to their season that they would be strong test. The team started with Jordan James and Vince Ibay in the back court and Alex Kapuscinski, Charlie Harland and Adriel Maranan in the front line. The game started in a frenetic manner with both teams missing early chances, until in the 2nd minute the point guard for the hosts hit a three pointer, this was the shake up the boys needed as Kapuscinski went on score three quick layups and a free shot to give a 7 -3 lead, with this the impressive hosts point guard hit back with three 2 pointers. The quarter then settled down with James and Kapuscinski scoring further baskets to give an 11-11.

The second quarter started as the first this time however the team started to slow down their play and moved the ball around, their defensive play was now going back to the standards that were set in the first half of the season and both Maranan and Harland made some timely defensive blocks to enable us to edge the quarter 12-10 taking a lead of 23-21 at half time.

The boys knew by now the game was going to be won only if they kept up the intensity of their play at both ends of the court. As with the pattern of the first half the game remained tight, it was clear Andes the Bristol PG had to be hustled throughout to stop him driving the hosts forward, with this the coach put Farrar on to spoil with James doubling up at times, this worked to a point keeping him away from the Storm end but this then caused him to hit two three pointers. The boys responded with James and Kapuscinski driving to the basket on five occasions bringing to an end the quarter with a slender 10 -9 advantage, overall 33-30.

The final quarter then followed the first three with both teams going head to head exchanging baskets, both coaches called time outs in the last two minutes to break the game up and to give the team a breather. In the last minute Bristol gave away two free which were converted and enabled the by now tired Storm team to close the game 49 -44.

Game 2
The second match was against the Cougars, knowing that they were a developing team it was time for the younger Storm players to take centre stage. The coach started with Mahoney and Sissons in the back court with Pettitt, Casas and Maranan in the front line.

The first quarter was a tight affair with Storm playing some good forward play trading baskets winning both defensive and offensive rebounds against much taller opponents to end the quarter 8-8.

The second quarter began keeping Sissons and Mahoney in the back court with Kapuscinski, James and Harland in the front line. This enabled Storm with the additional height to forge a lead by the end of the second quarter out to 24-14.

Having secured a margin the coach then resorted back to mixing the play trying to focus the play on quick passing and movement, cutting down on the dribbling and putting into practice coach Kemish’s pass and cut plays. It has to be said with the pressure slightly off Storm’s play started to improve and all that they had learnt started to come into their game play. It was also nice to see every team member supporting his team mates to the point where Ibay having put in two long range shots on the three point line which rimmed out finally got his just rewards with a two pointer swish ,this married up with two cut and drives by Casas for four points and both Mahoney and Sissons hitting two pointers from distance themselves brought an end to the day with two well earned victories, finally beating the Cougars 47-24.

Scorers versus Bristol: *Kapuscinski 21, *James 12, *Maranan 8, * Harland 4, Pettitt 4,*Ibay, Casas, Farah, Mahoney, Sissons.

Scorers versus Cornwall: James 12 ,*Pettitt 9, Kapuscinscinski 8,Farah 4, Harland 4 ,* Casas 4 , *Ibay 2 , *Mahoney 2 , *Sissons 2, *Maranan.