NBL Preview – Under 16s versus Bristol

Dorset Storm Basketball Club Under 14s South West Regional League 4th February 201207Dorset Storm Under 16s National League team are in action against Bristol Storm this weekend.  The team have suffered back-to-back four point defeats and lead coach Luke Kemish refused to let the recent disappointments get him down, instead stating that his team should be using that as motivation and make somebody feel their wrath.

“The reality is nobody is going to feel sorry for us.  We have to be big enough to stand up and say we have made mistakes, and get on with the task in hand.

Sure everybody is frustrated, but when we get it right everybody better watch out ‘cause we are good enough to beat anybody in this league.”

Kemish was quick to praise the effort of several of his players in last weekend’s game, but also made it clear that he wanted to see more emotion and determination from some members of the team.

“Last weekend we were carried by two players offensively, especially in the third period.  We want that to change, we want players to put themselves forward, it’s about responsibility not invisibility for us right now!”

Kemish was also keen to point out that there was nothing fundamentally wrong with what the players are doing, they just need a little more consistency, and belief in themselves.

“Our biggest issue is between our ears. We have lost a little confidence in ourselves. We need to get back to it, to work, to go and get our confidence back.

Dorset Storm Basketball Club Under 14s South West Regional League 4th February 201218When we believe they we can win every time we play – that’s what we’re missing – we will be dangerous.”

Kemish also said he would be trying a few different things over the next few weeks, but the focus would remain on the quality of the defence that his team was producing.

“When things aren’t working, you have to try something new and different, be creative if you like.  We will change things up a little if we need to, but the key focus will remain the same as we know that is what will make us successful.”

Kemish also confirmed that he was expecting veteran coach and club trustee Adam Cran to be on hand throughout this week to bounce ideas off.  Cran is also expected to join the coaching team on the bench for this weekends game.

Storm will be looking for an energetic display when they take to the court on Saturday afternoon at 3.30pm.  The players would really welcome your support as the look to dig in and put in the performance that they have worked hard to achieve.

Team from: David Barter, Bradley Bennett, Christian Farah, Charlie Harland, Tom Hennessy, Michael Hester, Jordan James, Alex Kapuscinski, Adriel Maranan, Lewis Old, Lewis Pettitt, Daniel Riggs, Rob Stone and Tom Storey.