Award Winners 2011 – 2012

It was great to have a record attendance to celebrate the end of the 2011 – 12 season on Friday night.  A huge well done to everybody for a great seasons work.

Here are a list of Award Winners from Friday night:


Clubman of the Year

David Rudenko


National League Under 18 Men

Most Valuable Players – Oliver Heath
and David Rudenko

Most Improved Player – Jack Kelly

Coach Award – Seb Darby


National League Under 14 Boys

Most Valuable Player – Christian Farah

Most Improved Player – Tom Storey

Coach Award – Nathan Mahoney


Solent League Under 16s I and II

Most Valuable Player – Maykel Patino

Most Improved Players – Bruce Mercieca and Lewis Old

Coach Awards – Tom Hennessy and Michael Stevenson


Solent League Under 14s I and II

Most Valuable Player – Lewis Pettitt

Most Improved Players – Bradley Bennett and George Williams

Coach Awards – Scott Herron and Joe Stevenson


Solent League Under 12s

Most Valuable Player – Harry Jackson

Most Improved Player – Harry Batson

Coach Award – Nathan Legg


Hall of Fame Entrants

Seb Darby, Oliver Heath and George Williams