Mann up is the call

Josh Mann is confirmed as the lead coach for Dorset Storm Under 14s National League team for the 2012 – 2013 season. Mann will replace Dominic Stuart who held the role last year.

“It was an obvious choice as far as we were concerned. Josh has been around a long time, and been on the coaching staff before, albeit as an assistant.” Director Jill Kemish said. “He has a good feel for what the club is about, and knows the style of basketball and philosophy that the club wants to promote, which makes him a great fit for the program.”

In his previous spell, Mann represented Storm as both a player and a coach at National League level, picking up numerous accolades along the way, including a Most Improved Player Award in his first season, followed by Best Defensive Player and various other coach awards too. He was a key player for the Under 18s National League team during the 2008 – 2009 and 2009 – 2010 seasons, where he started all but three games, averaging over eight points and six rebounds a game to go with a team leading 3.5 steals per contest. One of his highlight games would have been a home win versus Plymouth, where he scored 12 points and pulled down six rebounds before running out the fire door at the end of the game to get on the coach for a school ski trip!

Mann, who has been involved previously as an assistant, is regarded as a strong coach of the fundamentals so should be a good fit with what is a squad spilt across two age groups. Mann will bring with him a good head for improving players’ offensive ability, which is a key as the Under 14s will want to improve on this compared to last season. Last term Storm managed just 56 points per contest, and managed to crack the 65 point barrier on just two occasions in the entire season! As a contrast, the two top placed teams in the league only failed to score 65 points on one occasion each.

Mann, will being a clear strategy to the court when he meets his players for the first time this Thursday. He will have two experienced players as associate coaches during the pre-season period, and a permanent assistant coach it set to be appointed shortly.

“Josh is a good quality coach. He has had success before, as a player and an assistant coach, and it started with his clear ideas on how basketball should be played. He will bring in new ideas, and has a real eye for detail, he demands things are done right and won’t except anything that is almost right, he wants good habits. ” Explained Director Jill Kemish.

Mann will get to meet the players for the first time on 7th June, alongside his two associate coaches Oliver Heath and David Rudenko.

Storm also confirmed that Kevin James would be taking up the role of strength and condition coach for the Dorset Storm’s National League teams. He will be running twice weekly sessions for both teams as the players are asked to focus on their physical fitness, footwork and movement.


Notes: National League Coaching Staff in full

National League Under 14s

Josh Mann – Lead coach

Oliver Heath

David Rudenko

Kevin James – S&C coach


National League Under 16s

Luke Kemish – Lead coach

Jill Kemish

Kevin James – S&C coach