Under 16s I & II SBL Team List for 27th April

Solent League Tournament Information – Under 16s I and II

You have been selected to play for Dorset Storm in an up and coming Solent Youth League tournament. The date of the tournament is Friday 27th April 2012.

If you are playing for Dorset Storm II you will need to arrive by 6.45pm. Those playing for Strom I do not need to arrice until 7.45pm. The venue is Rossmore Leisure Centre, Herbert Avenue, Poole, Dorset, BH12 4HR. Full basketball kit will be provided; all you need to remember is your trainers and some water. We would like you to wear your blue club tee-shirt which you have; this can then act as a “warm-up” top that can be worn when you are not playing.

Under 16s – Friday 27th April
7.15pm Dorset Storm II vs. Weymouth
8.10pm Dorset Storm I vs. Weymouth
9.05pm Dorset Storm I vs. Dorset Storm II

We are sure that you do not need to be reminded that we will expect you to behave in an appropriate manner both when you are playing and watching other matches.

Any outstanding session fees will also need to be paid for you to be allowed to play. Please bring your tournament fee with you on the day and hand it to your coach as soon as you arrive – no tournament fee, no play. If you cannot play you must inform us by Saturday 14th April so we can find a replacement.

Storm I: David Barter, Sean Cadby, Tony Eaton, Charlie Harland, Makenzi Lelliott, Bruce Mercieca, Lewis Old, Maykel Patino, Sam Sherring and Adrien Uminski.

Storm II: Dominik Awdziejczyk, Alex Brown, Christian Donohoe, Matt Gough, Tom Hennessy, Michael Hester, Jordan James, Alex Kapuskinski, Richard Morse, Michael Stevenson and Rob Stone.