SWRL Under 16s Vs Bristol 26-02-2012

Under 16s keep winning streak alive in South West Regionl League

Match Report

Dorset Storm (28, 23, 20, 21) 92

Bristol Storm (8, 13, 14, 7) 42

On Sunday 26th February the Under 16’s played their fifth match in the South West Regional League. Due to the fact the Under 18’s were playing a National league match, the coach was without two of his starting five in Patino and Stevenson, this together with Kapuskinski being also unavailable meant the opportunity was open for three of the Under 14 National league squad Farah, Maranan and Pettitt to step up.

After a delayed start due to Bristol’s travel problems the coach opened up with Mercieca and Hennessy in the back court with Maranan, Awdziejczyk and Pettitt in the front. After conceding the first basket and with some disjointed play Storm forged ahead with Maranan and Pettitt combining for some good interplay to make four unopposed baskets to lead early on 15-5. Half way through the half James, Old and Hester joined the fray and with Farah making a couple of good steals ended the first 28-8.

The second quarter started again a little bit disjointed with individual mistakes letting Bristol to make three unopposed two point jump shots .Defensively the team was not working as a unit and allowing Bristol to drive at times through the middle with ease. By the end of the half the scores would have been a lot closer if their raw approach play and finishing had been more clinical; at the close of the half the score was 51-21.

At the end of the half the team was asked to work on their team play and try and focus on some post work and pass and cut play. From the off the game plan was much better in particular Awdziejczyk who made two good put backs and at times was harshly dealt with on some of his good defensive play, the highlight was however a double block by him in the space of seconds. As a whole the team played some good basketball with everyone contributing. The game finally closed out with a straight fifth win for the Under 16’s 92 -42.

There were a number of positives that came out of the game, all three u14’s stepped up and played their part in the win which bodes well for their future, defensive work by Awdziejczyk and Old was much improving and with the “old sweats” Hester, Hennessy, Mercieca and James performing well when needed it was a good all round performance. However, work on set plays will need improving on. An example of this was when the point guard called “two” and team mates responded with “two what?”

Scores: *Pettitt 25, Hester 23, James 13, *Awdziejczyk 12, *Hennessy 6, *Mercieca 5, Old 4, Farah 2, *Maranan 2.