SWRL U16s Vs Gloucester Vs Plymouth 05-02-2012

Two in a day sees Under 16s maintain perfect record.

Match Report

Dorset Storm (15,11,15,17) 58

Gloucester Blazers (4, 6, 7, 11) 28


Dorset Storm (13, 4, 17, 13) 47

Plymouth Marjons (4, 12, 9, 8) 33

On Sunday 5th February 2012 Dorset Storm Under 16’s played their first home games in the South West Region League at Rossmore leisure Centre. Their opponents being Gloucester Blazers and Plymouth Marjons.

The coach was able to choose from a bigger squad with the captain Patino and Stevenson returning from injury and Mercieca available for his league debut. These three would join the seven under 15’s who had played in the opening two away games.

At 12.30 Storm tipped off against Gloucester. The coach opened up with his starting guards of Hennessy and James with Kapuskinski, Hester and Patino in the front court. Unlike the previous two league matches Storm were very messy in their approach play and were unable to put a string of passes together communication was null and void and it was only individual moments of play that kept them in front. At the end of the first quarter storm led 15 – 4. In the break team play was emphasised , especially the use of the whole court and rebounding at both ends of the court ,highlighting defensive as well as offensive. As a whole, play generally picked up and having an advantage in stature defensive work was good .closing to half time 26 – 10.

The second half continued as with the first with the team not playing fluently but getting by with some good lay up and rebounding. The highlight of the game came at the end of the third when Mercieca hit a three point swish. The game finally closed out to a 58 – 28 win for Storm.

The second game of the day saw Gloucester edge pass Plymouth, winning 51 – 45.

Tipping off against Plymouth the coach was hoping for a more cohesive performance. This was not to be the case, it was clear Plymouth were up for the game and were competing enthusiastically fighting for every ball. It was only down to the captain Patino and Kapuskinski’s individual moments of finishing that Storm ended the quarter 13 – 4 up. In the break it was again emphasised that if Storm wanted to win they would have to up their game and compete and not get frustrated. Unfortunately this did not sink in’ with the Plymouth guard Munkuli’ starting to run the game and it was by no surprise that by the end of the first half storm were only up by one leading 17 – 16.

It was at this point starting the third quarter Storm as a team started to wake up and compete with the likes of Awdziejczyk, Mercieca and Hester battling well to regain possession, alongside this team play returned with a number of good plays ending with Patino and Kapuskinski making two’s. Once the team realised they had to compete as well as just play they went on to close out the game winning 47 – 33.

Positives that could be taken out of the two games were, if the team had to hustle and increase their overall intensity they could, both offensively and (in the coaches eyes more importantly) defensively. They rebounded well and their shooting and finishing when under pressure was improving. Individually all the team know they have things to work on but overall it was an encouraging days work.

Scorers versus Gloucester: Kapuskinski 12, Mercieca 9, *Patino 8, *James 8, *Hester 7, *Hennessy 4, *Stevenson 4, Harland 4, Old 2, Awdziejczyk.

Scorers versus Plymouth: *Kapuskinski 18, *Patino 13, Hester 6, *James 4, *Awdziejczyk 2, Harland 2, Hennessy 2, Old, *Mercieca, Stevenson.