NBL Under 14s Vs Bristol Flyers 10-12-2011

Match Report

Bristol Flyers (15, 17, 5, 9) 46

Dorset Strom (15, 14, 13, 16) 58

Dorset Strom Under 14s travelled up to Bristol for their third away game of the season. There was a relaxed atmosphere around all of the players even after a slightly delayed start.

Storm started with Tom Storey and Lewis Pettitt in the front court while Nathan Mahoney, Will Taylor and Joe Stevenson took the back. Storm knew the only way of winning the game was to get things going early on in the first quarter which they had not been doing all season long, but after two minutes and 6-0 down coach Stuart feared for the same old story.

“All the players knew what they had to do so I just let them find a way past it without interfering” – said Stuart.

Nathan Mahoney after his new found confidence in the last game took responsibility early and forced his way to the line. Even though he only made one of two it had been the quickest storm had scored all season just after two minutes in the first. This aggression caught on very quickly seeing Pettitt get six points within a minute and then Farah doing exactly the same in the next minute storm looked ready for a fight. The first quarter looked very even and you could not call it throughout and after a late basket by Storey the first quarter ended 15 a piece.

The second quarter started off with a ‘college’ style end to end action theme with both teams pushing the ball and trying to get some easy baskets. Storm made the most of their out right speed at the start of the quarter and went on a 6-0 run with some quality passing from Mahoney and Ibay to set up Pettitt and Farah. Storms defence was also improving throughout the second but the speed of which the help defence was arriving was not quick enough and the Flyers were making a few too many easy baskets inside. That along side some questionable refereeing saw storm trail by three at the end of the second quarter 32-29.

Storm knew they were in with a chance of winning the game after their performance in the first half and just needed to tie the loose ends to get a win.

Throughout the whole game Storm looked like a new team slowing the ball when needed and taking their time on offence but it was the third quarter that they were to a point flawless!   Storm stared on a charge in the third with Maranan, Pettitt and Farah making a 12-2 run. Storm got in to a smooth rhythm on defence as well and really controlled the Flyers with help coming at the right times. When needed hustle plays were a joy to watch with Mahoney saving an impossible ball heading out of bounds leading to a score down the other end. Taylor having to guard their main point guard and not letting him go any were (Taylor limited the Flyers point guard to 4 points in the second half, compared to the 13 points he was able to score in the first half!). All of Storms players boxing out, communicating, calm offences and fantastic help defence led to a 42-37 lead by the end of the third quarter.

Storm were not going to let anything stand between them and a win now. Storm were playing very good solid offence and not wasting possession, as soon as a rebound came down they would take it to the top reset and swing the ball nice and quickly. Yet again Mahoney and Pettitt seemed to have something clicking and worked out two baskets. And a lovely pass in traffic from Ibay to Stevenson saw him drain a long two. The fouls were an issue that coach Stuart was raising many a times with the games fouls ending on 17 to storm and seven to Flyers. Towards the end of the game they were getting called with Farah, Pettitt and Mahoney all getting to the line. Farah, Stevenson and Mahoney did a good job swinging the ball and using up big chunks of the clock towards the end of the game. An all around great team effort saw Storm come out victors the final score Bristol Flyers 46 Dorset Strom 58.

There would not be enough room to write the good things all the players did but two of them who stood out were. The captain Nathan Mahoney with six points, seven assists and some entertaining hustle plays on the defensive end. Lewis Pettitt with 24 points, two assists assists and who knows how many rebounds!

Coach Stuart concluded: “The team really deserved this win it has been hard for them to lose several times home and away especially at this age I know the feeling! But they now know how to do it and I’m sure they will come out next Saturday against Taunton with the same look on the game and a hunger to defend their home court. I want to say a big thank you to the players because I’m sure the parents and players alike saw I didn’t really have a voice and it was such a pleasure to coach instead of waiting for the lads to listen and if we stay like this the rest of the season we have a strong chance of winning games!

I will be away from this Thursday and climbing Snowdon on Saturday so I expect a positive call from Kev after the game! Good Luck and see you next Tuesday!”

Scorers: *Pettitt 24, Farah 14, Maranan 7, *Mahoney 6, *Stevenson 3, Ibay 2, *Storey 2, *Taylor.