SWRL Under 16s Vs Stroud 04-12-2011

Magnificent seven leave the Sharks floundering

Match Report

Dorset Storm (28, 24, 22, 23) 97

Stroud Sharks (6, 11, 12, 8 ) 37

Dorset storm Under 16s travelled to Stroud to play their opening South West regional league match. Due to circumstances they travelled with only a squad of seven, which would test not only their discipline but their stamina as well.

To start the match Michael Hester joined Maykel Patino and Jordan James in the backcourt ,while Charlie Harland and Michael Stevenson made up the front. Prior to the game starting it was all about getting off to a fast and intensive start and controlling the game. Within the first five minutes Storm had gone into a 12 – 4 lead ,with steals from James on four occasions leaving him unopposed to the basket. At this point Stroud called their first timeout as they were clearly flustered. This however, did not change the shape of the game as Storm continued as they had started with further scores from Patino, Stevenson and James seeing out the first quarter with a lead of 28 – 6

The second quarter started more evenly and required more defensive duties from the likes of Stevenson, Hester and Patino, with some good blocks and rebounding from all the team. The only downside being Patino’s enthusiasm to try and block from behind resulting in him having 3 fouls against him prior to the closure of the half. Having said that in the last five minutes Storm went onto increase their lead scoring a further unopposed 16 points spread between Old, Harland, Hennessy and Stevenson. This gave a lead at half time of 52 – 17.

The third quarter started with Stroud showing more intensity, pressurising Storm all over the court. which initially gave them some impetus, but as before defensive play by Storm in particular by Stevenson and rebounding by the team as a whole didn’t really disturb the pattern of the play and on at least six occasions from a defensive rebound and quick play Patino and Hester broke to score unopposed. One of the highlights of the quarter was Hennessy swishing a three pointer, throughout the team confidence was growing and shooting with it became at time second nature with some great results. The only pressure being put on Storm at this time was self inflicted. Patino committing the same block foul on four occasions, leaving him to be ineffective for the last 12 minutes of the game when on defence. By the end of the third the score read 74 – 29

Going into the last quarter, the coach asked the team to be more structured in their play and to pass and cut more, bringing into play more of what they had been coached in training. However, although, James or Hennessy were setting the plays up on Stroud’s three point arc, the teams will to please outshone their ability to count to five and reverse the basketball! The game finished 97 – 37.

For storm it was a great team performance with all 7 players contributing. Patino for his encouragement to the younger players and with the intensity of his play both offensively and defensively, Stevenson’s defensive work on rebounding and blocking (7 in total), Hesters all round general play, James for his aggressive competitive nature making a number of steals and Old and Hennessy for stepping up to the plate shooting well and working up and down the court. From the coaches view to see all 7 players come off the court not only pleased with their efforts but totally fatigued made it all worthwhile travelling 125 miles to play.

Scorers: *James 22, *Patino 19, *Stevenson 18, *Hester 13, *Harland 12, Hennessy 9, Old 4.