NBL Under 14s Vs Bracknell Cobras 05-11-2011

The past comes back to haunt Storm once again.

Match Report

Dorset Storm (7, 13, 22, 21) 63

Bracknell Cobras (17, 27, 11, 13) 68

Storm hit the road for their second away game of the season.  On a positive note their two main ball handlers Nathan Mahoney and Vince Ibay returned after not playing in the Solent game last month. Storm travelled up with eight players again knowing it would be a physically demanding game with Will Taylor putting in his first appearance for Storm at National League Level.

Storm started off a lot better in the first opening minutes with good solid defence but then the first quarter blues set in and they failed to score for just over five minutes. This gave Bracknell a chance to extend their lead through out the first quarter. Storm captain Nathan Mahoney finally got them off to a start with a good solid drive to the basket followed shortly by Lewis Pettitt, Christian Farah and Vince Ibay all adding their names to the score sheet. The first quarter ended with Storm down 17-7.

There was no improving on their first quarter performance in the second quarter as Storm continued to play with no help defence and show no desire to get to the basket. Storm could feel the game going in a bad direction and started to play desperately. “The worst basketball they had seen them play so far this season” – were the words that coaches Dominic Stuart and Kevin James discussed as they repeated what needed to be done on the court to no avail. With Adriel Maranan and Lewis Pettitt being the only two players putting points on the board in the second quarter Storm fell to a fourteen point deficit by the end of the second quarter. Storm went to the dressing room expecting the coaches to be furious with them but as the coaches explained the only people that could fix it now was themselves.

Storm came out on fire in the second half of the game knowing that they had to close the lead quickly if they were to stand any chance of being the victors. They went on a 16 – 4 run and looked like a completely new team, with good quality passes coming from both Nathan Mahoney and Vince Ibay, Lewis Pettitt managed to find the basket several times and added 14 points to the third quarter. Storm ‘newbies’ Tom Storey and Will Taylor both played a critical part on defence with Storey sticking to their big man like glue and Taylor not letting anyone near the key with great footwork.  “I’m genuinely impressed with Taylor’s efforts both defensive and offensively, to have your first ever National League game away and to finish without any turnovers is very good” said coach Stuart.  The baskets continued to drop for both teams seeing Adriel Maranan hitting two shots back to back and one a piece from Tom Storey and Vince Ibay. Storm closed the gap and finished the third down 42 – 55 knowing now that they had a very good chance of winning the game.

Throughout the game Storm never looked in trouble with fouls but due to picking up three fouls in the first quarter of play, Lewis Pettitt headed to the bench with five after just a couple of minutes on the court. In the fourth quarter he finished his game with a great all round performance with 29 points, three rebounds and one steal. It was then clear that somebody would have to step in with the job of putting points on the board. There was hope when Nathan Mahoney and Vince Ibay got to the foul line but they both were rusty and could only convert 1 out of 2 shots both times, somebody needed to fill the void and quickly…!  Back on the other side Storm were playing outstanding help defence and not being afraid of getting physical. Victor Mwangi decided to take this to the next level and ended up inadvertently taking out one of their players by trying to take a charge, but this was a positive sign.  Storm looked more aggressive than ever. Adriel Maranan took a page out of Mwangis book and came up with 3 blocks in quick succession alongside a handful of steals from Mahoney, Storey and Farah, Storm were not giving up.  Entering the last five minutes saw Christian Farah put on a shooting display hitting four mid range jumpers and getting to the line. With 90 seconds left to play Cobras committed a technical foul and Storm go to the line. This was a real chance for Storm to close the gap to just a few points but they could not convert. Within the last dying seconds Farah hit a much needed three pointer but two quick baskets by Bracknell saw the visitors leave with another loss. The final score 68-63.

Storm had a great all round team performance but three players really stood out.

These were Adriel Maranan with 6 points, 3 blocks, 4 rebounds and 2 steals. Christian Farah with 17 points, 1 block, 4 rebounds and 1 steal. Lewis Pettitt with 29 points, 3 rebounds and 1 steal.

The coaches would like to give many thanks to all the parents who came and supported and made some noise!  The Under 14s will be back in action on the 3rd of December against UWIC Archers at Rossmore Leisure Centre Poole for their second home game of the season so come show your support.

Scorers: *Pettitt 29, *Farah 17, *Maranan 6, *Mahoney 5, Ibay 4, *Storey 2, Taylor, Mwangi.