NBL Under 14s Vs Solent Kestrels 22-10-2011

Match Report

Dorset Storm (4, 8, 17, 13) 42

Solent Kestrels (21, 18, 10, 16) 65

Dorset Storms Under 14s travelled just up the road for their first away game of the 2011 season. After the first game against Woking at home where Storm came up short they were keen to put in a good performance. With just eight players on the road they all knew they would get a chance to prove themselves.

Storm starting five consisted of Joe Stevenson, Charlie Parry and Tom Storey as guards whilst Christian Farah and Lewis Pettitt played up front as the forwards. Dorset started the game in a very relaxed manor and failed to score until they were five minutes into the game. As a result Solent’s players grew in confidence and they started to make a flurry of shots. Throughout the first quarter Storm put up little defence towards Solent’s simple transition offence letting them run the floor and committing weak fouls to let them get shots off and still go to the line. There was hope when both Adriel Maranan and Lewis Pettitt got to the foul line a hand full of times between them in the first quarter but Storms lack of intensity led them to a 21-4 deficit by the end of the first quarter.

Storm came in to the second quarter knowing that they had to get their act together to get back into the game, and were much more aggressive attacking the basket and applying some pressure when on defence. Joe Stevenson started to really attack the basket and forced his way to the foul line. Storm saw two of the newest players start to show their worth as Bradley Bennett and Tom Storey both picked up a basket each whilst in transition, but overall the shots were just not falling for Storm and were still down 27 at the end of the half.

After a stern talk from their coach at the half Strom realised what areas they were going wrong in and started to motivate each other when they hit the floor and came out fighting for the start of the second half. Storm turned up the pressure on Solents offence and a combined effort saw them slowly claw themselves back within striking range. Adriel Maranan was the star on defence in the third with two highlight blocks a handful of rebounds which led to some easy fast break points from both Lewis Pettiitt and Christian Farah. Storm also started to convert their shots in to points at the foul line and it was at this point that a lot of players on Solent’s side were starting to feel the pressure. Towards the end of the third Christian Farah came to life as he hit three consecutive shots at the offensive end alongside a couple of foul shots. Storm ended the third within 20 points of Solent and looked hungry for a serious comeback in the fourth quarter.

Storm started very well in the fourth not allowing Solent to score for just over three minutes this was fuelled by some scrappy defence from both guards and forwards, with Charlie Parry and Bradley Bennett both picking up steals and Christan Farah, Lewis Pettitt and Adriel Maranan boxing out effectively resulting in plenty of defensive boards. Lewis Pettitt went to work in the fourth scoring over half of his points to try and close the gap and getting to the line several times. In the end though Storm had let the lead become to much for them and at the end of the fourth you could see the frustration had hit home when some lazy fouls were committed and Solent were able to hold on to a comfortable lead, the final score Solent Kestrels 65 Dorset Storm 42.

A big thank you for all the parents who came up to Southampton and made some much needed noise! Dorset Strom NBL under 14’s next game is on the 05-11-2011 vs Bracknell Cobras.

Scorers: *Pettitt 17, *Farah 13, Maranan 6, *Storey 2, *Stevenson 2, Bennett 2, Davey, *Parry.